Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Митсубиси Паджеро
+ 1.1. The instrument panel and control means
+ 2. Maintenance service
- 3. Engines
   3.1. Candles
   3.2. Check of wires
   + 3.3. Ignition system
   - 3.4. Engine major repairs
      3.4.1. An engine electric equipment
      3.4.2. The ignition distributor
      + 3.4.3. The generator
      3.4.4. The battery
      3.4.5. A starter
      3.4.6. The traction relay of a starter
      3.4.7. Gauges
      + 3.4.8. Instructions on service and engine repair
      3.4.9. Compression check in cylinders of engines
      3.4.10. Specifications of engines
      - 3.4.11. Removal and engine installation The engine of 2,6 l 12-klapannyj the engine of 3,0 l 24-klapannyj the engine of 3,0 l The engine of 3,5 l
      3.4.12. A cover of a head of the block of cylinders
      + 3.4.13. Platens and коромысла
      3.4.14. The thermostat of system of cooling
      3.4.15. An inlet collector
      3.4.16. A final collector
      3.4.17. An incorporated collector (a diesel engine with a turbo-supercharging)
      3.4.18. Турбокомпрессор
      3.4.19. Турбонагнетатель
      3.4.20. A radiator
      3.4.21. Маслоохладитель
      3.4.22. The fan
      3.4.23. The pump of a cooling liquid
      + 3.4.24. A head of cylinders
      3.4.25. Valves and springs
      3.4.26. Saddles
      3.4.27. Replacement of directing plugs
      3.4.28. Hydropushers
      + 3.4.29. A gear belt and covers
      3.4.30. A chain and a cover (the engine 2,6)
      3.4.31. The oil pallet
      3.4.32. The oil pump and sajlent-platens (виброгасители)
      3.4.33. Cam-shafts and support
      3.4.34. Check of a condition of a cam-shaft
      + 3.4.35. Pistons and rods
      3.4.36. A back epiploon
      3.4.37. Radical bearings
      3.4.38. A flywheel
      + 3.4.39. An exhaust system
   + 3.5. Diesel and турбодизельный engines of 2,5 and 2,8 l
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. A running part
+ 10. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes

ccf2698e The engine of 3,5 l



Disconnected units, hoses and wires at dismantle of the engine of 3,5 l

11. Burn down control systems of the engine
12. A starter and generator plait
13. A joint маслоохладителя
14. An accelerator cable
15. A cable throttle заслонки
16. A hose of the amplifier of brakes
17. A gasoline pipe line joint
18. A heater hose
19. A socket of the gauge of pressure of oil
20. A bolt of a support of the engine
21. The engine


1. Remove a cowl.
2. Remove the battery and a tray.

3. Remove intermediate draught of the cruise-control. For this purpose execute the following:

  – Turn away a bolt and remove a protective casing of draught;
  – Disconnect from draught a cable throttle заслонки, an accelerator and cruise-control cable. Adjusting bolts and nuts do not turn on;
  – Turn away 4 bolts and remove intermediate draught;
  – Remove the draught arm, all bolts and screws store in separate packages to screw on former places.

4. Lift the car and remove engine and transmission guards.
5. Disconnect weight.
6. Merge a liquid from cooling system. Merge oil from transmission and the engine.
7. Disconnect on the engine hoses of a radiator and other hoses of system of cooling.
8. Remove a fan casing.
9. Remove a radiator.
10. Disconnect from collectors exhaust pipes.
11. Remove transmission (subsection 9.3.6 see).
12. Remove the pump of the hydraulic booster and take aside, not disconnecting from a highway.
13. Remove a belt of a drive of the generator.
14. Remove the conditioner, not disconnecting from a highway, take aside and fix.
15. Remove a pulley of the pump of system of cooling with the fan.
16. Disconnect from the engine all wires (a starter, the generator, a control system and gauges).
17. Turn away the union маслоохладителя.
18. Disconnect a hose of the amplifier of brakes.
19. Disconnect fuel hoses from the levelling chamber and heater hoses in a back part of an inlet collector.
20. Attach таль the lift and will hang out the engine.
21. Remove guards of support of the engine and turn away bolts of fastening of support of the engine to a frame.
22. Cautiously lift the engine and get from a motor compartment. Establish the engine on supports or wooden бруски (not on the pallet).


становка the engine it is carried out upside-down. Tighten bolts of support with the moment 44 Н.м. Replace a lining of exhaust pipes on collectors. Bolts of fastening of a pulley of the fan tighten with the moment 10–12 Н.м. Bolts of fastening of a radiator tighten with the moment 8–11 Н.м. Fill in a fresh liquid and oil, start the engine. After warming up restore levels of liquids. Repeatedly adjust a cable заслонки, belts, idling.