Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Митсубиси Паджеро
+ 1.1. The instrument panel and control means
- 2. Maintenance service
   2.1. Periodicity of service
   2.2. Refuelling capacities
   2.3. Filter replacement
   2.4. The fuel filter
   2.5. A ventilation zolotnik картера (petrol engines)
   2.6. Care of the battery
   2.7. Drive belts
   2.8. Hoses of system of cooling
   2.9. Covers of SHRUS
   2.10. Conditioner service
   2.11. Screen wiper brushes
   2.12. Wheels and tyres
   2.13. Recommended fuel, liquids and lubricants
   + 2.14. The engine
   - 2.15. A cooling liquid
      2.15.1. Level check
      2.15.2. Replacement of a cooling liquid
      2.15.3. Check of level of a liquid of a hydrodrive of brakes and coupling
      2.15.4. A nutritious tank of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
      2.15.5. A reducer of the steering mechanism
      2.15.6. Greasing of a running part
      - 2.15.7. Body greasing Locks and cowl loops Door loops Greasing of bearings of forward wheels (rear-wheel cars) A raising of the car a jack
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. A running part
+ 10. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes

ccf2698e оптом Семена чиа. Greasing of bearings of forward wheels (rear-wheel cars)


Nave of a forward wheel

1. A support
2, 9. A cap
3. To grease with hermetic 3M ATD
4. A nave in gathering
5. The external bearing
6. A washer
7. A nut
8. Шплинт

1. Remove a nave and a brake disk, remove a disk from a nave (subsection 11.12.3 see).
2. Get an epiploon and the internal bearing. If bearings in a normal condition they can be used and further. The worn out bearings replace, for what beat out rings of bearings from a nave brass бородком.
3. Rings of bearings запрессовываются special оправками or adaptations against the stop in a fillet of a cavity of a nave.
4. Put in pawn in bearings and a cavity of a nave greasing.
5. Оправкой запрессуйте an epiploon so that its surface was заподлицо with a nave end face.
6. Establish all details upside-down.

Greasing is replaced in 2 years or 48000 km.

At greasing replacement it is forbidden to wash out bearings in gasoline and to blow their compressed air. It is supposed to use only weak solvents.