Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Митсубиси Паджеро
+ 1.1. The instrument panel and control means
- 2. Maintenance service
   2.1. Periodicity of service
   2.2. Refuelling capacities
   2.3. Filter replacement
   2.4. The fuel filter
   2.5. A ventilation zolotnik картера (petrol engines)
   2.6. Care of the battery
   2.7. Drive belts
   2.8. Hoses of system of cooling
   2.9. Covers of SHRUS
   2.10. Conditioner service
   2.11. Screen wiper brushes
   2.12. Wheels and tyres
   2.13. Recommended fuel, liquids and lubricants
   - 2.14. The engine
      2.14.1. Check of level of oil in the engine
      2.14.2. Replacement of oil and the oil filter
      2.14.3. Check of level of oil in a mechanical check point
      2.14.4. Oil replacement in a mechanical check point
      2.14.5. Liquid level in automatic transmission
      2.14.6. Liquid replacement in automatic transmission
      2.14.7. Oil replacement in a distributing box
      2.14.8. Reducers of the forward and back bridge
      2.14.9. Oil replacement in reducers
   + 2.15. A cooling liquid
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. A running part
+ 10. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes


2.14. The engine

2.14.1. Check of level of oil in the engine


Labels on щупе маслоуказателя (the engine 2,4)

Labels on щупе маслоуказателя (the engine 3,0)

1. Establish the car on an equal platform.
2. Later 3 mines after an engine stop (or before start of the cold engine) check up oil level щупом.
3. For this purpose get control щуп from a branch pipe, wipe, insert pure щуп back into a tube and again get. Check up level on an oil film. Oil level should is between risks щупа max and min.
4. If necessary finish level to the top mark, adding small portions (approximately on 0,3).
5. To add oil turn away a mouth stopper in the top part of the engine. Transfusion of oil above the top mark is not supposed.