Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Митсубиси Паджеро
- 1.1. The instrument panel and control means
   1.2. Internal furnish
   + 1.3. Door-locks
   1.4. A bulk mouth of a fuel tank
   1.5. A cowl
   + 1.6. Windows
   + 1.7. The hatch
   + 1.8. Seats and seat belts
   + 1.9. A safety air cushion
   + 1.10. Devices and controls
   + 1.11. Start of the engine and a driving
   + 1.12. The ignition lock
   1.13. Anticreeping system
   1.14. The lock of a steering column
   1.15. Engine start in cold weather
   + 1.16. An automatic transmission
   + 1.17. A mechanical transmission
   1.18. A lay brake
   1.19. A brake pedal
   1.20. System of the hydraulic booster of brakes
   1.21. The sound signal warning about deterioration brake колодок
   1.22. System of antiblocking of brakes
   1.23. The lever of adjustment of height of a steering column
   1.24. System of a steering with hydraulic strengthening
   1.25. Rear-view mirrors
   1.26. Heaters of rear-view mirrors
   1.27. Cruise-control system
   1.28. Adjustment of volume and air direction
   1.29. The Heater / the conditioner
   1.30. The conditioner switch
   1.31. Salon heating
   1.32. Heating of a windscreen and glasses of doors
   + 1.33. In case of an emergency
   1.34. Replacement of lamps
   1.35. Capacity of lamps
   + 1.36. Headlights of head light
   1.37. Lamps of illumination of back licence plate
   1.38. A lantern of illumination of a luggage carrier
   1.39. Lamps for reading of cards
   1.40. The top plafond
   1.41. The top lantern of a stoplight
   1.42. A portable lantern
   1.43. Safety locks
   + 1.44. Identification numbers and information tablets
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. A running part
+ 10. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes


1.27. Cruise-control system


The cruise-control system is the automatic monitoring system of speed of movement of the car (at speed in 40 km/h and above). At its inclusion for maintenance of constant speed of movement it is not necessary to keep pressed an accelerator pedal. It is especially convenient at movement on highway.

For activation of system of the cruise-control

Press the button of the central switch for system inclusion (the alarm lamp should light up), and, then, pull for рычажок installations of speed, moving with desirable speed. When the cruise-control system will be activated, on an instrument guard indicator CRUISE will light up.

The prevention

Use of system of the cruise-control is not recommended, when road conditions do not allow to move with constant speed, for example, at strong movement in a city, at movement on slippery, ice-covered, snow-covered or wet road, or at movement on abrupt descent.

If, at the included system of the cruise-control to translate the gear change lever in position of neutral transfer N, not pressing a coupling pedal, it can lead to excessive dispersal of the engine and its damage.

For safe driving the switch of system of the cruise-control should be in position OFF (is switched off), if you do not use cruise-control system.

Do not forget, that the system of the cruise-control does not support the specified speed at movement on descent or lifting.

Speed of the car can decrease below established at car movement under a hill: therefore, you should use an accelerator pedal if you wish to support constant speed of movement.

Speed of the car can increase on abrupt descent. In this case, the cruise-control system is necessary for switching off.

The prevention

Never turn a key in the ignition lock in position OFF at car movement.

For deenergizing of system of the cruise-control

Cruise-control system it is possible to switch off and erase the speed of movement specified earlier by means of the switch of system of the cruise-control, or having turned a key in the ignition lock in position OFF.

The cruise-control system can be switched off as follows, not erasing data about speed from memory.

1. Having pressed a brake pedal.
2. Having pulled рычажок installations of speed on itself.
3. Having pressed a coupling pedal (models with a mechanical transmission).
4. Having translated the lever of an automatic transmission in position of neutral transfer N (for models with an automatic transmission).
5. At movement on descent or lifting if speed of the car to change more, than on 15 km/h, system it is switched off.
6. When speed of the car decreases to 40 km/h or less.

To return to the established. Before speed, pull for рычажок installations of speed, пи movement for the speed above 40 km/h.

For increase in the set speed

Pull on itself and keep рычажок installations of speed; speed will be gradually increased. When speed will reach wished, release рычажок; the cruise-control system will be included and programmed on movement with this speed.

Quickly to increase the set speed, increase speed of movement of the car by means of an accelerator pedal, then pull on itself and release the lever of installation of speed.

For a set of speed for overtaking

Press an accelerator pedal as usually. When the accelerator pedal will be released, the car will return to the set speed of movement.